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Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning (also known as "sound balancing") is a sound therapy method that works with the power of sound and the human biofield to help alleviate conditions such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and more.

Just as researchers have mapped the brain, Eileen McKusick, founder of BioField Tuning, has used sound like sonar to explore the vibrational patterning that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body.

She describes in the video below what BioField Tuning is:

Biofield Tuning is a scientifically based and proven method using the sound and vibration of tuning forks to bring about emotional and physical balance and well-being.  Using tuning forks on and around the body can relax the nervous system and help restore balance to electrical system. Locating and correcting distortions in the body’s energy field can clear old patterns and bring about relief from effects of stress like digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, etc.  It allows the body’s natural rhythms to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. 

Biofield Tuning is a method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field that surrounds the human body. The effectiveness of the coherent vibrations of a tuning fork gently supports the body in recognizing and correcting its own vibrational imbalances. The BT practitioner simply finds the static and resistance in the biofield and stays with it until the body auto-corrects.


This simple and powerful approach of shifting the rhythms and patterns of the body's electrical system allows one to release habitual patters of tension, imbalance, and stress response.  When interferences are resolved, stress is reduced, and the body can function naturally, the way it is meant to.

You can make the changes you'd like to see in your life. I can help!

Biofield clearing
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How Does Distance Biofield Tuning Work?
Eileen explains in below video

During a Biofield Tuning session the practitioner activates a tuning fork and scans the body slowly beginning from a distance. The practitioner is feeling for resistance and turbulence in the client's energy field, as well as listening for a change in the overtones and undertones of the tuning fork. When the practitioner encounters a turbulent area he/she continues to activate the tuning fork and hold it in that specific spot. Research suggests the body's organizational energy uses the steady coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to "tune" itself.  In short order, the dissonance resolves and the sense of resistance gives way. This appears to correspond to the release of tension with the body.

Some Specific BT Techniques

Sonic Meridian Flush - Tuning forks and crystals are used directly on the body to open energy pathways so that circulation and flow can be restored. Session usually takes about 1 ½ hours.

Adrenal Rhythm Reset – Due to stress, our adrenal glands can become overworked and out of balance.  This BioField Tuning technique is a recalibration of the rhythm of the adrenal gland and can be particularly helpful for people who have sleep issues, anxiety issues and intestinal upset.

RelationshipTuning is used to identify places in the intersecting fields of relationships.  Identifying areas where there might be dissonance allows space for resolution and balance.  This technique can be used between you and anything you are in relationship to – other people, your pets (or 2 of your pets), your job, your money, etc.  (a distance session with another person requires permission from both people).

Chair Sessions can be efficiently and effectively done in a shorter period of time than a full body session. These sessions focus on areas of tension in the shoulder/neck area, great for those doing computer work or otherwise accumulating stress in their shoulders. Seated sessions are approximately 20 minutes in duration.

Sessions are over the phone.  See how distance sessions work click here (or go to home page and scroll down.)

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