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Conversations with Heart and Soul

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I believe we are always seeking guidance/direction to some degree or another whether we realize it or not.  We’re also always receiving guidance whether we realize it or not. 


Sometimes I feel I’m really in the flow, I feel good about what I’m doing and where I’m going (whatever that means).  But sometimes I feel alone, abandoned by my own guidance and, what’s worse, resistant to connecting with it.  So, in truth, I’m abandoning myself. 


And that’s when all those undesirable (lower vibration) emotions come flooding in:  anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, fear, hopelessness.  And when I’m in those emotions, I resist talking to my Inner Guidance – my Heart and Soul.

I’ve gotten better at processing those times and, with practice, each time becomes easier. The practice doesn’t happen when I’m in those lower vibrations, it can’t – those vibrations aren’t a “match” with the higher vibrations of joy, peace, love.  In those lower vibrations of hopelessness it feels, well, hopeless. 

In the moment of anger and frustration there doesn’t seem to be room for even considering feeling love or joy – it seems not to exist.  But that’s just in the moment and, actually, it’s ok.  Those lower vibrations aren’t bad, even though they feel bad. 

Over many years, from many teachers in many forms, I’ve become better equipped to recognize, understand and shift, or raise, the vibrations.  What I’ve found is that I can experience those emotions and even though at the time they feel like that’s all that will ever be available to me, somewhere inside I know that’s not true. It’s ok, important even, to experience them but it is certainly easier when you have something of an understanding about what’s going on and how to raise from the experience with love.

It’s natural to be feeling good and then when something happens, someone says something, or a memory of some kind appears, a bad feeling “comes up”.  Joe Dispenza explains it as feeling/thinking/feeling/thinking.  Our thoughts create our feelings and our feeling create our thoughts.

Dispenza and others have scientifically researched it.  More info here: Thinking and Feeling.


I’m so grateful for this information because when I notice I’m in that cycle I can stop it just by recognizing it.  Sometimes that works for me, sometimes not.  So I’ve acquired many tools for those occasions of despair. 

Abraham-Hicks explains our emotions are our guidance system. Our Emotional Guidance System.

When we have feelings that are not pleasant, it means something is “off” in our thought process and it's time to reach for a better thought.  Typically, we can’t suddenly jump from fear to joy but we can move up through the feelings and emotions and gradually get there.

As a long time student of energy healing and a HeartMath Coach, I have learned to ask my Heart (accessing the energy of Heart) when I’m confused or just not feeling my best. And, after practicing the recognition of automatic responses, I can be available to receive guidance that allows me to move from lower to higher vibration emotions.

I find the answers come in many forms. Sometimes I hear something or maybe I’ll get the idea to use a tuning fork, or check the Angel Tarot cards, or any one of my other “tools.” 


I believe my heart is where my Soul lives.  It’s always here with me, it is me.  And it is always available to guide me in one way or another to remember the powerful being I Am (we all are).

If you'd like a little assistance in practicing your inner connection, I'm here.  You can go HERE to schedule a chat if you'd like to explore. 

In Love and Light,

Susan Wright

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