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Good Avacado Gone Bad

I knew my purpose immediately – to nourish a human, become part of them and help them grow and be the best they could be. I did everything right – I waited patiently, soaking up the sun and the nutrients from the ground that flowed through the stems into my body. I held on tight knowing that some day I would be picked and would join others to reach just the right human.

Finally, the day came and with it the workers and machinery that carefully picked all of us and packed us into crates - what an adventure! I was put on a table with some of my fellow avacados, again patiently waiting, knowing someone would find me. And it happened! A kind hand picked me up and put me into a bag – I was going home to fulfill my purpose. I was so excited when they took me out of the bag and placed me on the counter. And I waited, and waited, and waited. I could feel my life force leaving and my body deteriorating. I just sat there, wasting away, forgotten. Soon I would not be healthy enough to be consumed by the human that picked me. I was so sad and felt I had somehow failed. What did I do wrong? And then I realized, my only purpose was to have this adventure, this life. And I was happy.

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