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How to Grow Your Inner Guidance

Accessing our Inner Guidance can make a big difference in our lives. Instead of stressing over a decision, we can ask. Instead of worrying over a challenge we're facing, we can ask for assistance. That's the first step and, like anything else, can take practice. And with that practice comes trust, just like anything else we're willing to learn.

Why don't we use our Inner Guidance more? After all, it's available to us 24/7. I thank that answer is different for everyone. But again, practicing can bring us past whatever reason we have for not tapping into the Inner Wisdom we all share.

First, we have to quiet our mind and focus our consciousness on no-thing-ness. This is typically the biggest stumbling block for most of us. We're all so busy and feel we don't have time to slow down enough to get quiet. Yet, in doing this, even a little, we usually find not only more time to do what we need to get done, we also find more joy in doing it.

The second part is having a basic understanding of how our brain works and what's going on in our physical body. Having an awareness of something is half the solution. Essentially, when we are worried and stressed, we are living from our limbic system, the part of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system. Essentially, we are stuck in "fight or flight." This is an automatic response meant to help us run or defend ourselves when in immediate danger. The problem is, staying there for longer than a few minutes can begin to cause damage to our other systems.

Watch this video for a clear, easy to understand explanation of the limbic system.

Getting to a place of less stress, more joy and experiencing Inner Guidance can be done more easily than you might think.

What are your day-to-day challenges? (work, relationships, money, etc)

Your Inner Guidance is always here to help you. And I can help you take the first step to find, hear, and trust your Inner Guidance.

Let me show you how.


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