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What’s in your Biofield?

We’re all healers. Our bodies are designed to heal. We get a cut and watch it heal. A bone is broken and, with assistance usually from those trained in what to do with a broken bone, it heals. Those assisting don’t heal the broken bone, they just create a more coherent situation so that it can heal properly.

Some of us have skills to facilitate healing for others that have been more to the forefront as a job to do here. It’s much like there are those whose interests and innate skills are of many varying occupations such as brain surgeons, writers, plumbers, home makers, movie makers, engineers, etc all doing what they feel drawn to do, what they love and what gives them the feeling of being useful by contributing in some way. Of course, there are some who haven’t yet realized their innate calling and many times it starts as one thing and moves into another.

Healers, as a profession, are actually healing facilitators, as perhaps doctors are – they don’t heal anyone else. No one heals anyone else. We, as energy healers (a shortened term for energy healing facilitators), hold the space and use our skills, experience and expertise to help create a coherent environment to assist others in healing. We work with the energetic aspects of our energy field (aka Biofield*)

Healing can range anywhere from relationships, thoughts/beliefs (which can lead to dis-ease), to other conditions that are not optimal for a more joyful life. What area in your life could use a boost?

The readiness and willingness of the person receiving assistance in healing is more than important. It’s necessary for them to do some degree of preparation, but most importantly, have the intention of changing (healing) whatever is not beneficial to their well-being so they can experience joy and abundance. The better prepared mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the more relaxed, open and willing a person can be to acknowledge, accept, and move through their feelings. And the easier it becomes for them to release the lower vibrational, less coherent energy locked in their energy field, which includes the body.

Energy Healing is a team effort. It requires the ability of the healer (healing facilitator) to, in some way, read your biofield and clear any distortions that are ready to be cleared. What’s more important is the willingness of the person to receive healing energy. It’s like planting a garden; if you go through the process of cultivating the soil, fertilizing it, watering it and clearing out the rocks, you can be fairly confident that the seeds you plant will sprout and produce results. If, however, you just throw seeds on unprepared ground there is little, if any, chance of the seeds growing.

Everyone, on some level, wants to heal. This, I believe, is the reason there are a gazillion self-help books and on-line courses, many quite useful. We’re all different. One book or course may be useful to some people, but not others. And some healers may be suited to some people and not others.

Discover what’s in your Biofield.

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*The term biofield was proposed in 1992 by an ad hoc committee of CAM practitioners and researchers convened by the newly established Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).


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