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The Nature of Pets and People

Notice how it feels when you touch your companion animal. There is the obvious softness of their fur, but, if you pay close attention, there is also a feeling of the love they are sending and a feeling of connection with something greater than ourselves.

When we first arrive on the planet as babies, we remember and are in touch with our origin - Spirit.  Programming, learning to be human, and evolving has caused most of us to forget our Spirit connection.

Animals are here to help us remember it.

From Penelope Smith’s book “Animal Talk”:
“Many animals have told me how they came here to serve certain people by giving them devotion and teaching them about unconditional love and full enjoyment of life.  While they may enjoy the company of their own species, many of these animals desire human company more. They consider that they and their people belong with each other.”

Hundreds of years ago, people were in tune with nature, the moon cycles, the universe.  With the Industrial Revolution, people started working in factories and no longer used or needed that communication (or so they thought).  We are now realizing the importance of getting back to communicating with nature.

From “Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered,” Machaelle Small Wright:
“The animal kingdom serves both the planet and mankind as a buffer.  Animals are very receptive to the many different energies moving through our Earth’s atmosphere. They respond to those energies accordingly and function much like shock absorbers …

Also as part of their buffering service, animals absorb and, to a limited degree, transmute human projections and imbalances on an emotional level. Our lives would be much harsher, more difficult physically, were it not for the animal kingdom functioning as a sheath around us and working with us on unconscious levels. The wild animals absorb the imbalanced energy of massive group actions such as war, famine, poverty and mass death. The animals who are in touch with individual humans interact with the emotionally imbalanced environment around that human.”

From "PetMassage Energy Work," Jonathan Rudinger
“Dogs have the natural ability to reestablish balance in their bodies. We see this in their long body stretch when getting up from a nap. The neck and legs stretches one at a time. The back is arched and the internal organs seem to reorient themselves within the body. But there are times they can use help from us to balance in ways they cannot do for themselves.  They respond to all forms of touch: massage, specific acupressure stimulation, meridian work, chakra balancing and on-and-off the body healing touch.”

The information Susan presents at workshops is from what she has learned over the past 25+ years from literally hundreds of classes, workshops, books, DVD’s and on-line courses she has experienced. While it started as a search for healing, this information has brought her to a place of sharing with others the many different and yet similar ways of thinking, living, BE-ing in balance with our pets. Balance = health. It has greatly and wonderfully enhanced her life and her work.

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