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Getting to Know YOU

Before getting into the how, let’s talk about the why. You will learn to slow down, become more aware of and be able to adjust your thoughts. I think that can feel a bit scary to many people. It was for me and I believe that’s why we allow ourselves to be distracted by work, family, relationships, problems (ours and other’s).  Coming home to yourself can be more rewarding than you could ever imagine. It is coming home to your true identity, the beautiful, wise, loving Spirit that you are.  It is from this place that unlimited possibilities exist and are readily available.

You will learn to understand and monitor your thoughts and beliefs and discern the energy around you.

You will begin to notice a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Create a Space


Find a space just for you, a place where you feel comfortable and safe and can shut the outer world out for just a little while.  This is the first step in taking care of yourself, honoring yourself and this is key.  This is a place just for you.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just make it your own.  I usually just sit on my bed.  Some say that’s not a good idea, that it should be a space just for meditation; but, while that has merit, this is what works for me.  I like sitting on my bed in the morning so I can enjoy my alone time before my mind is distracted by the world around me.

Scented Candles

I think the main thing is to make it your own and be as consistent as possible so when you go to your space your subconscious will know this is a special time just for you.

If you want to create an altar, then by all means do that. An altar can be as simple as a candle and you can add flowers or other items  if you like. There are crystals and crystal grids you can use.  But you don’t need any “props.”  Just a comfortable space you can feel is yours.  Have fun with it but don’t let it be a way of procrastinating.  You can start with just you and add things as you go along if that’s what comes up for you.

Go here for more information about altars. 

Outdoor Meditation

Meditation - Getting to Know YOU


There are many, many, many (ad infinitum) ways to meditate. As you explore some of the ways that appeal to you, you will discover the toughest challenge you might have is the very same one just about everyone has – keeping your mind from wandering.


It takes practice to focus. Just like anything else, it gets easier with practice. Even then, some days will be easier than others.

  • Each experience will be different. Sometimes a little different, sometimes a lot.  Don’t expect each session to feel exactly the same as a previous one. Before I realized this, I would get very frustrated when I would have a wonderful, peaceful, profound experience and the next day I couldn’t reach that feeling again. I think it was my expectation that actually kept me from reaching a new, just as wonderful or better experience. Don’t expect. Just be.

  • When your mind wanders – and it will – gently bring it back. You can think of it as resistance, like lifting weights. Think of having a 5 lb weight in your hand and doing bicep curls. With time, your biceps will become stronger.  However, not much will happen if you didn’t have the weight (resistance) in your hand. So appreciate the resistance for what it is, thank it, and release the thoughts.

  • Focus on your breath.  A basic, essential part of the practice is to focus on your breath. Just breathe normally and notice air coming in through your nose and into your lungs, eventually nourishing your blood cells and then all of the cells in your body.  This is a good time to appreciate your cells and notice how they are busily doing their jobs without direction from you.


I like to listen to guided meditations. These help train your focus. I focus on the words and then allow myself to feel the essence of those words. My favorites right now are from Orin and Daben channelled by Sanaya Roman and Dwayne Packer. Check out They have some free meditations and information so you can see if it’s something that fits for you. 


As you look through this and other resources and you find printed meditations you like, you can record them and play them back. It’s an added benefit to hear the meditation in your own voice.

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