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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Susan Wright and I help people calm anxiety and stress so they can have more clarity to pursue the things that bring them joy.

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Welcome to your journey where inner harmony begins.

Enter a sanctuary of serenity and self-discovery, where overwhelm dissipates, and stress dissolves.

Meet Susan, your guide through life's complex maze of challenges.  With over three decades of devoted exploration into the realms of energy work and holistic healing, Susan's journey began with a single question that echoed through her existence: "Why did I have so much trouble with relationships?" This wasn't just about romantic entanglements; it encompassed every interaction, every connection she encountered.

What followed was a profound odyssey of self-awareness and revelation.  Susan navigated the intricate twists and turns of her own life journey, uncovering insights that illuminated not only her own identity but also the fundamental essence of existence itself. 

Susan intuitively intertwines wisdom gleaned from diverse modalities, crafting an approach tailored to your unique needs. With each Biofield Tuning and Coaching session, she harnesses the power of these accumulated insights, guiding you gently toward the heart of your own truth.

In this nurturing environment under Susan's comforting guidance, you'll find connection with your own innate wisdom, a place where stress melts away into tranquility, and clarity emerges from the fog of confusion.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation where every  step brings you closer to wholeness.  

Send me a message and  I'll get back to you quickly.

Wright Vibes
Energy Healing Awareness

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