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Animal Massage and Energy Work

Those Divine Beings we call our pets, fur-kids, companions are here to help us humans move through our evolving experiences in physical form here on Earth. They remind us how adorable we are and to be present and joyful in every moment. They also help absorb energies that might keep us from that joy.

I believe it is, therefore, our obligation - or more to the point - our honor to do what we can to help them be the happy, loving beings they inherently are.

Our animals wait patiently for us to come home when we have been at work, seeing clients, shopping, etc.
Cats: “Glad you’re home in time to feed me”

But they all help us clear the energy that glommed onto us while we were out and about.

They know that their job is a very important one and, while it might not look that way to us, they are very serious about it.  Not only do they love being with us, sitting on our laps or by us on the sofa, sleeping in our beds but they are also doing their job – what they came to us to do – help us clear our energy fields.

Everything is energy. Energetic disturbances can begin as a thought or feeling from someone else and then enters our aura. You know how it feels when you are in a room with people you don’t know and for some reason just don’t like, or are around people you just don’t get happy feelings from – it’s exhausting. That exhaustion comes from those energies that don’t “belong” to you entering into your field. And we carry that with us and bring it home.

Your animals help clear that energy for you and, in the process, absorb some of it themselves. It can then sometimes get “stuck” in their energy field and eventually develop into something out of balance in the physical.

Dogs that have the opportunity to go outside can help dissipate that energy by laying on the ground, rolling, digging, etc. They release the energy and it goes into the Earth where it is transformed.

In any case, and especially if your pet doesn’t spend much time outdoors, it is very important then to help your animals clear their field before that negative energy can make its way into the physical. You can also help clear and balance if it has gotten to that point – but why wait for it to do that?

Reiki is one of the best ways to clear and balance energy (there are many other ways). With the proper attunements, Reiki energy can be used either hands-on or at a distance. Once you receive the attunement you can quickly and easily help your animal clear and balance even as you pet or hold them. It can be done in just a few minutes a day – whether you are with them or not. Or you can do more in-depth clearing with a session that can last from a few minutes to about 20 or 30 minutes.

Help your animal get great check-ups at the vet! And possibly save money, worry and trauma by helping them clear their energy field and stay balanced.

Susan's Training for Working with Animals:
Certified PetMassageTM Provider (Foundation and Advanced)

Animal Communication

Innovative Pet Therapy (IPT)

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