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What is Energy Healing?

Sometimes what you are feeling might not be YOUR energy

Are you noticing patterns in your life that you just can't seem to change.

Are there areas in your life where you feel confusion, frustration with things you wouldn’t necessarily be frustrated with, anxiety without really knowing the cause, fatigue, and other emotions you aren’t sure why you are feeling.  Studies have shown how ongoing stress can wear down our energy and our immune system without us realizing it.

Do you want to feel better?  Sometimes we can get so used to having stress in our lives it just seems normal. Do you remember what it feels like to be really relaxed?

I've been there.  In fact, we all experience stress from time to time.  It's when we worry, feel anxious, fatigued, grumpy, frustrated or any other emotion we can't seem to get past and without really having a reason for, we are experiencing some kind of stress we might not be aware of.  What happens is that energy needs help in moving through.

Why wait?  Let me show you how  Energy Healing, including Conversations with Heart/learning to trust your Inner Guidance, the vibration of tuning forks, and learning to feel your energy can make a positive difference in your life as it has for me, my clients and thousands others.

Using deep intuition and methods and skills I've developed from over 30 years of Energy Healing exploration, I tailor sessions specifically for each client. Allow your Inner Wisdom to show you the way to less stress and more joy!

Worries are clues from your subconscious giving you direction on what you might be ready to look more deeply into and possibly change. It could be a learned belief you’re ready to let go of. I use tools and skills to help you assess what that might be and give you tools and techniques to help you find your answers. It takes a willingness to be open to change but your mind, body and spirit are eager to guide you. They are always striving for balance, homeostasis. 

Transform worry (fear) into guidance, allowing more peace.

Schedule a chat via Zoom if you feel you're ready to explore more of what you would like to change in your life.  My programs aren't a quick fix, but a process, a practice of clearing your energy patterns that don't serve you.  You will gain a more clear path to discern your own Inner Guidance.

Image by Behnam Norouzi
Heart Centered Breathing
00:00 / 20:24

Experience relaxation as you connect with your Inner Guidance. Listen to a short meditation to open your connection to your Heart Intelligence.

The Light You Are

Our health is influenced by how our energy anatomy responds to our environment  All body systems are communicating and working together. It can be very beneficial to get in on the conversation.

"Disease results from an imbalance or blockage in our body's vital energy. By removing the blockage or stimulating the flow of energy, our body can naturally heal itself."   Psychology Today 


In-person sessions now available

Candy Cotton

BioField tuning

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that works with the power of sound and the human biofield to help alleviate conditions such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and more.  

Above the Clouds


A Reiki Master Teacher for over 20 years, Susan uses the energy, intuition and skills developed from working with Usui Lineage Reiki.

Leaves Shadow


For more than 25 years, HeartMath Institute has been researching the heart-brain connection and learning how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health.

HeartMath helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart – your heart’s intuition – which awakens you to the best version of yourself.


intuitive reading

Always present and eagerly waiting for us to ask, our guides, angels and masters can lovingly help us see things from a perspective of clarity.  Susan will help you connect with these wise energy beings so that you can become familiar with them and learn to get into the practice of asking.

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