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Group of 4 sessions: $400

What is Heart Intelligence?

In person or distance:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Sessions are in person (Austin) or distance over the phone - see how distance sessions work (Home page-scroll down)

What Clients are Saying:

I felt like the session on Friday really shifted me into a new frequency.  I have generally been more peaceful but then have had also some sadness and anger come up…and then move on after 20 minutes or so. You are so kind and truly caring and so giving with your knowledge and gifts. I feel really lucky to have found you.   Y.S.

If you are ready to actively discover more about moving forward, discovering and manifesting your dreams, clearing energy that might be keeping you stuck or are creating the same patterns in your life, schedule a free consultation with me to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

"Yesterday was a transformative day, as Susan Wright demonstrated her expertise and natural affinity for healing with tuning forks. My session went far beyond any expectations. Tears of joy were flowing as Susan facilitated with sound.  I encourage anyone who is in need of healing to enjoy the decades of preparation Susan has committed to. She has a long lineage of study and practice in many healing modalities. Her work with the tuning forks is healing on multidimensional levels, and surely is multiplying her knowledge and application exponentially. I look forward to more sessions with this gifted healer."  D.B.

"Thank you so much for all that you have done and for helping me come back to a healthy balance." S.A.

"I have to say this woman knows her stuff! The BioField Tuning session was amazing!" S.H.

With over 30 years of study and training others, Susan has in-depth wisdom and intuitive skills to guide you in finding solutions for day-to-day challenges while enhancing your own spiritual growth.

"I just had my 1st session with Susan and I have to tell you that I instantly had positive results. She picked up on some blocks in 2 of my chakras that I had no idea were there. As a healer myself I'm always checking my chakras myself, however Susan was able to pick up blocks on a different frequency that I couldn't see for myself and were causing havoc.
I will be coming back! Thank you so very much!"  CJ


"This was one of the most profound healings I have experienced. Really tuned me up and I’m staying tuned!"  A.K.

"Morning Bio-Field Tuning with my Aunt, Susan Wright, in the comfort of my home meditation room by Phone-Conference.
Using headphones made it easy to listen as she passed the tuning forks through my points of energy, allowing my bio-field to clear lifetime trauma-drama even passed on ancestral blocks.
Susan gave me intuitive feedback throughout the session,she ended by grounding me, that feels so good.
I promise you’ll feel light as feather after!"  T.N.

BioField Tuning -  Tuning forks are used to resonate with whatever distortion or dysfunction is present in the body and its field (aka “stuck energy”), and then, through the production of a stronger, more coherent frequency, the forks can help the body entrain into a more coherent expression as well.

Sound with tuning forks (and other sound tools) can produce immediate and profound results, can help reduce anxiousness, discomfort, and other distresses during the session, with other benefits unfolding in the days following a session. Results can be both short term as well as long term and even permanent. The effects of multiple sessions are cumulative and a minimum of three sessions is generally recommended.

Ancestral Clearing/ Energy Return – the energy of beliefs that formed with our ancestors are passed down through cellular memory as well as DNA.  Recognizing your beliefs as something that was handed down rather than being your own is the first step in clearing patterns that no longer serve you.  If you are wondering why you feel a certain way about people, places, things, ideas, etc.  or if you feel you can get only so far with your goals and feel confused about how to move forward it is a clue some ancestral energy clearing could help you get past your blocks and move more easily toward your goals.


Using knowledge of energy work, along with mediumship and intuitive skills Susan helps you find the energy that no longer serves and you are ready to let go of.

Reiki - A Reiki Master Teacher for over 20 years, Susan uses the energy, intuition and skills developed from working with Usui Lineage Reiki.

Chakra Scanning and Clearing – Susan uses her ability to feel energy with her hands to assess your chakras.  The information from your chakras tells a story about what issues are ready to be addressed and cleared.

IEL (Intuit the Energy of Love) Susan has completed Level 5 in the IEL program with Russell Forsythe and is certified in Chakra Reading and Balancing, Intuitive Communication (Angels and Masters), and Mediumship.

Angel Cards – Certified with IEL, Susan uses Angel cards as a wonderful tool to help guide you through questions and issues.

Guides, Angels, Masters – Always present and waiting for us to ask, our guides, angels and masters can lovingly help us see things from a perspective of clarity.  Susan will help you connect with these wise energy beings so that you can become familiar with them and learn to get into the practice of asking.

Conversations with Heart – Bringing awareness to our heart area and evoking a true feeling of appreciation or compassion, opens a pathway of communication with our heart intelligence and allows us to access intuitive insights with clarity.  Doing this, creative solutions for personal and social challenges become more accessible, providing you with more intuitive access.  A certified HeartMathR Coach, Susan can help you learn to find answers and guidance on a day-to-day basis.

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