About Susan

Susan has been learning about and  enhancing  her innate skills and talents over the past 25+ years from literally hundreds of classes, workshops, books, DVD’s and on-line courses.  While it started as a search for healing, this information has brought her to a place of wanting to share with others the many different and yet similar ways of thinking, living, BE-ing in balance.   

Balance = health.  It has greatly and wonderfully enhanced her life and the work she now does.

Susan uses these skills with every BioField Tuning and Coaching session, drawing from many modalities such as,

Certified BioField Tuning Practitioner

Reiki (Master - Usui Lineage)

IEL (Intuit the Energy of Love)

Angel Energy, Mediumship
Quantum Touch
Energy Medicine - Donna Eden
Shamanic practices
Multidimensional Cellular Healing
Esoteric Healing (Alice Bailey teachings)
Akashic Records
Touch for Health
Subtle Energy/Polarity
EFT Energy Freedom Technique
Circles of Life
Guided visualization

Working with Animals:

Foundation and Advanced
Certified PetMassageTM Provider

Animal Communication

Innovative Pet Therapy (IPT)