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Transform Stress  Feel Peaceful and Calm at Last

This work is for people who feel stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, feeling like there’s too much to do, not enough time to recharge, having trouble with sleep, have difficult relationships, or have anything they would like to change in their lives.

I have helped hundreds of people just like you remember what it feels like to be relaxed. They’ve learned to use tools and methods to change unhealthy thought patterns and retrain their nervous system to find balance and calm.


I can help you reverse the effects of stress and GAIN more control over the effects of your environment.

  • What is YOUR average level of stress from 1 – 10?

  • How easily are you able to recover from stressful situations?

  • Do you ruminate and talk about stressful encounters long after the situation is over.

  • Are there things you seem to always be worried about?


Requirements: an open mind and a willingness to commit to your own healing.

  • Clear patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Teach your nervous system to respond rather than react.

  • Develop better communication with your body, mind, spirit.

While you can receive amazing benefits from just one session, a series of 3 or more can be a more firm start on your transformation goals.

Single session:  $125

3-session package = $325

4-session package = $440

Schedule your first of 3 sessions here:

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What Clients Are Saying

“Working with Susan has been a special experience. She introduced me to biofield energy and was able to use it to read and clear some very old issues I've had. As I said to Susan, it enabled me to release stress I didn't even know I had. 

She also taught me some techniques to further relieve stress and I've found a gentle joy and calmness has moved in to take its place. I certainly plan to continue our energy work together!"

Susan K., Gap Mills, WV

“I felt like the session on Friday really shifted me into a new frequency. I have generally been more peaceful but then have had also some sadness and anger come up…and then move on after 20 minutes or so. You are so kind and truly caring and so giving with your knowledge and gifts. I feel really lucky to have found you."

Yvette S.

“Thank you so much for all that you have done and for helping me come back to a healthy balance." Sandy A.

“I have to say this woman knows her stuff!  The BioField Tuning session was amazing." 

Suzanne H.

“I just had my 1st session with Susan and I have to tell you that I instantly had positive results. She picked up on some blocks in 2 of my chakras that I had no idea were there. As a healer myself I'm always checking my chakras myself, however Susan was able to pick up blocks on a different frequency that I couldn't see for myself and were causing havoc. I will be coming back! Thank you so very much." Cathy J.

“This was one of the most profound healings I have experienced. Really tuned me up and I’m staying tuned!" Angela K.

“Morning Bio-Field Tuning with my aunt, Susan Wright, in the comfort of my home meditation room by Phone-Conference. Using headphones made it easy to listen as she passed the tuning forks through my points of energy, allowing my bio-field to clear lifetime trauma-drama, even passed on ancestral blocks. Susan gave me intuitive feedback throughout the session. She ended by grounding me, that feels so good. I promise you’ll feel light as feather after!" Tracy N.

“Yesterday was a transformative day, as Susan Wright demonstrated her expertise and natural affinity for healing with tuning forks. My session went far beyond any expectations. Tears of joy were flowing as Susan facilitated with sound. I encourage anyone who is in need of healing to enjoy the decades of preparation Susan has committed to. She has a long lineage of study and practice in many healing modalities. Her work with the tuning forks is healing on multidimensional levels, and surely is multiplying her knowledge and application exponentially. I look forward to more sessions with this gifted healer!" Deb B.

Wright Vibes
Energy Healing Awareness

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