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Ahem, can I have your attention please?

It seems the attention on pets has increased with our attention on Spiritual Awakening. Coincidence? (LOL). I hear people talk about how their pets are their best friends, confidants, clowns, entertainers, etc. Nothing really new there, but I think that as we awaken to the deeper meaning of All That Is, we also become aware of the honor we are bestowed by having pets in our lives.
My dog, right now as I type, is resting her chin on my leg, looking at me, then at the computer, then back at me. She tries so hard to get my attention and I don’t always give in. I’ve got a thought I want to hurry and get down, or I’ve got to go do/fix/clean the,,,
But, as the inherently loyal animal she is, she doesn’t give up. She doesn’t get frustrated (most of the time) and her feelings aren’t hurt. She just keeps trying to get my attention.

I think it’s the same with Spirit trying to get my attention and she is certainly a part of Spirit. Maybe Spirit ‘thinks’, “Susan loves dogs. Maybe she’ll listen to a dog.”
Well, I want to. And I’ve been digging through old programming, peeling the layers, etc. for many, many years. While there are certainly times I feel I’m spinning my wheels, that it’s all for nothing, and that I’m not getting anywhere, I’ve heard about and experienced this is what happens just before a breakthrough. Breakthroughs are not pleasant in any stretch of imagination. So how many breakthroughs do I have to go through? As many as it takes, I guess.
My animals have cushioned my growing pains with their hugs, love, companionship and antics that make me laugh. So here is Spirit in the form of my dog, trying to get my attention. When I stop what I’m doing and succumb to her pleading, I am rewarded with love and beauty and connection with All That Is.
Have you noticed your dog, cat, bird, fish or other animal trying to get your attention?

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